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Road Bike Sizing Guide

The following tables contain sizing advice for the range of road bikes you see on Road Cycle Exchange. Use the diagram if you need help identifying the frame parts, or else go straight to the table to find the right size road bike frame for you.

Road Bike Size Guide – Geometry Comparison

There are three main different types of geometry used for the range of road bikes listed on RCE. Traditional, Semi-Compact and Compact. The table below contains a geometry comparison of the three different types so you can see how the sizing differs.

Traditional Geometry

Road bikes that use traditional geometry tend to have a longer wheelbase, giving them a more stable and comfortable ride. Traditional geometry frames are instantly recognisable by their top tube, which runs parallel to the ground. Due to the reduced stand over clearance of these bikes, sizing is more critical here than on Semi Compact and Compact geometry bikes.

Semi Compact Geometry

Semi Compact geometry road bikes incorporate a sloping top tube, which results in a shorter wheelbase, a smaller rear triangle and a lower centre of gravity. The features create a stiffer more responsive riding experience. Another feature of a compact geometry bike is the stand over clearance due to the lower top tube.


Women’s Specific Design (WSD) bikes tend to use Semi Compact Geometry, however the sizing of the frames can be tweaked slightly to conform better to a women’s body shape. Some changes can include a shorter top tube and seat tube. Female road bikes also usually incorporate other women specific features such as a shorter stem, smaller width bars and shorter cranks.

Compact Geometry

As with Semi Compact geometry road bikes, a compact Geometry bike has all of the same features such as the sloping top tube and shorter wheelbase. The difference lies with the top tube, the sloping angle of the top tube is greater than that of the semi compact bike. The result is a road bike with an increased stand over clearance.

These tables provide a guide that is comprehensive enough for most cyclists. We would always recommend a bike fit to tweak your riding position to perfection and can recommend a good fitter if you contact us.

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