Hello, welcome to Road Cycle Exchange.

Over the years we had wanted to change the way bikes are traded in the second hand market. Appreciation of the heritage and form of the two wheeled machine for us meant nothing beat the sense of pride in owning the perfect bike. Like cars we had always favoured the pre-owned market to get more for our money. However the buying and selling process had always been far from straightforward. In summer 2013 we saw the opportunity to create a new way of trading pre-loved bikes simply, safely and at a fair price. The London Cycle Exchange was born. After a relatively short period of testing we were soon convinced that if done properly the exchange concept could work across the UK. With the right investment of time and money, with the right dedication to customer service and by sticking to our principles of trading fairly and honestly, we knew this venture would be a success. In 2014 we launched as Road Cycle Exchange.

These are the frustrations that lead us to the Cycle Exchange concept. Do any of these apply to you ?

How can I get a fair valuation of my bike?
Am I being ripped off? If I get a bargain it makes me suspicious?
I don’t have the time to hang around on auction sites, I just want to know the price and buy the bike
I’m fed up with chasing sellers only to find the bike has already been sold
Comparing specs is a nightmare, I just want a consistent comparison so I can make an informed choice.
Why can’t I trade in my old bike?

With us you can buy and sell used bikes with confidence. We ensure bikes are in good mechanical order and are not stolen. We provide a warranty to give you the confidence that each bike has been traced and mechanically checked.

We all know about the issue of stolen bikes and how frustrating it is. We only buy bikes that are traceable, by taking steps to ensure provenance. If it ever transpires we’ve been duped we will hand the buyer their money back and the bike over to the Police straight away, along with the name and address of where we bought it.